Casino Bonuses for You

The world of online casino gambling is a very competitive both for the players and the casinos. Every casino wants the maximum players and they try to make their sites most visited one by offering various bonuses and best payouts. When the first bonus deals came up online, it was the best thing that could happen to the online gambling industry.

Nowadays most of the online casino offers various bonuses to the players in order to attract them because without the players these online casinos would cease to exist and would have to closed down.

Choosing which bonus will be best for you is not a easy thing. As there are a variety of bonuses and offers provide by the casinos, it is essential to know what kind of bonus deal suits yu the best.

Here you will get to know the different types of casino bonuses offered by various online casinos that will help you to maximize your chances of winning. These are as given below.

Sign-up Casino Bonus
Most of the online casinos offer a ‘sign-up’ or welcome bonus for new players. It is basically a one-time offer provided to attract new players to find the best deals. When given a sign-up bonus the player must always look at the wagering requirements of the casino. May be the sign up bonus are good for you, but don’t forget to look into your bankroll.

Maximum Casino Bonus
Maximum bonus or ‘max bonus’ is the maximum amount that a player can expect to get as a bonus from the online casino. But the player must remember that that the highest bonus does not mean that it is the best deal. The bonus amount is related to the amount that you deposit initially for wagering. Maximum bonus often requires high wagering deposits.

Match Casino Bonus
A match bonus refers to a bonus that is related to the amount of your wagering deposit. It is based on a percentage that tells a player how high his bonus can be. If the online casino offers a 400 percent match bonus, it means the player will get $400 for every $100 of his initial wagering deposit. So the player should always look for the largest match bonus that he can find from a reputable online casino site.

Referral Casino Bonus
Some of the online casinos offer a referral bonus. That is if the player gets any of his friend to sign up with the same online casino that he joined, as his reference, he becomes eligible for the referral bonus available at that casino. The extra money earned from the deposit of his friend is automatically credited to the players account. Whereas in some online casinos, referral bonuses are fixed, that is a certain fixed amount is credited to the players account no matter how much his friend deposits. Some online casinos also offer a kind of match bonus, in which a certain percentage of the player’s friend deposits is credited to the players account.

No deposit casino Bonus
A No Deposit bonus also known as a free bonus is still offered to players by some online casinos. Sometimes it is offered if a player has signed into an account that has not been active for quite some time, and sometimes it is offered as a loyalty or welcome bonus.

Sticky Casino Bonus

A sticky bonus is a non cashable bonus. It means that the casino bonus credits cannot be exchanged into cash. The amount is credited to the players casino account and he can only use it to play the games. To withdraw from the casino the player will only be given his winnings and initial deposit, but not the bonus credits.

Exclusive Casino Bonus

These are some special bonuses that are offered by online casinos. It is usually known as the loyalty bonus. A loyalty bonus is just like a sign up bonus except that the player get if he continues to play on the site. The loyalty bonus is not as large as a sign up bonus because the online casinos have to ensure that a player is likely to stay on the site for playing.

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